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Gamucci Micro USB Starter Kit

Gamucci Micro USB Starter Kit

The Gamucci USB Starter Kit contains everything you need to make the switch to electronic smoking or "vaping". Your kit will include a Gamucci Hi-Power Lithium Battery, One Regular strength original tobacco flavour cartomizer to get you started, and a USB charger for on the go charging. The battery is pre-charged so you can start using it immediately!

There is a wide variety of Gamucci Cartomizers for refilling the Gamucci Micro available on our website, and in many national retailers, with flavours to suit all tastes!

Your Starter Kit Includes:
• One Rechargeable E-Cigarette Battery
• An Original Tobacco 1.6% Cartomizer
• USB Charger

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Inside the Micro USB Starter Kit

The Cartomizer - our revolutionary e-cigarette refill. A Cartomizer contains the nicotine and flavourings that you inhale when you use your Gamucci Micro. Made in our own laboratory, one Cartomizer is the equivalent to approximately 40 traditional cigarettes, and we offer these in flavours to suit all tastes, from the more traditional Tobacco and Menthol through to more exotic fruity flavours.

The culmination of many years of research, the Micro is the newest e-cigarette in our pioneering Cig-a-Like range; small, stylish and simple to use, this is the perfect e-cigarette for you. Featuring our patented VaporCore technology, the Gamucci Micro delivers unrivalled performance, with the technology to satisfy both the novice and expert e-cigarette user.

The Gamucci Micro contains our unique dual kill switch technology, so you can be assured you are not only using a state of the art e-cigarette, but also a completely safe one.

Gamucci Micro USB Starter Kit

The Gamucci Micro has been designed to feel familiar as soon as you pick it up. Similar in size to a traditional cigarette, the Gamucci Micro is the perfect electronic alternative for a cigarette, offering all the same sensations that you are used to without the tar and chemicals associated with tobacco.

The Gamucci Micro delivers an amazing vaping experience, with a satisfying throat hit, stunning vapour production and complex flavour profile, in a form you will already feel comfortable with. Light and stylish, the Gamucci Micro is a real pleasure to use, and will not look out of place anywhere. Simply pick up and go, with the new Gamucci Micro!

vaporcore technology

VaporCore Technology

Gamucci - the ONLY electronic cigarettes in the World with patented VaporCore™ Technology

What is VaporCore™?
Gamucci products were designed by ex-smokers, with one core objective - to be the best electronic cigarette money can buy. VaporCore™ is the result of continuous research and development in electronic cigarette technology. A technologically advanced design provides users the ultimate alternative to traditional smoking. VaporCore™ Technology excels in 4 key areas:

  • Consistent Flavour: With a smooth effortless draw, inhale and enjoy the flavour of every puff, each and every time.
  • Pleasant Throat Hit: Feel that gentle hit on the back of your throat. VaporCore™ hits that sweet spot, providing the feeling that smokers enjoy.
  • Big Vapour: Thick clouds of vapour on every puff. Inhale, exhale, you can even blow “vapour-rings”
  • Long Battery Life: Gamucci products utilise the highest quality components and our custom designed batteries outlast the competition, so you can rest assured your vaping experience keeps going for longer.