We are Gamucci; the premier electronic cigarette brand. Founded in 2007 we have since been providing the best electronic cigarettes in the market, building an established and loyal customer base that relies on the Gamucci quality. With our patented vapour-core technology, we have an electronic cigarette that we are sure will be the right one for you and your customers. 

We have an established sales team who have overseen our development into one of the leading brands of electronic cigarettes in the UK, and a second to none customer service team ready to support you in making the decision to switch to Gamucci. The Gamucci battery is unrivalled in quality and consistency, ensuring the smooth Gamucci taste with every puff. Our cartomizers are available in many strengths and flavours, and are produced in our wholly-owned facility in Shenzhen, China.

With up to 40% margin for you as retailer or wholesaler, we ensure the best return for your business. Gamucci is a great way to keep customers coming back as refills and accessories are paramount to customer satisfaction and continued enjoyment. So for repeat custom there really is no alternative! We also have a great range of point of sale materials available.

For more information on Gamucci retail and wholesale opportunities, please contact our UK sales team on freephone 0800 033 7020 or