Let the vape do the talking.
Whether you use them for the benefit of yourself or for your family, out of style or to feel good at work, electronic cigarettes have made their mark on the lives of over two million UK people. Needless to say every individual has a reason for using electronic cigarettes, but have you considered what your electronic cigarette says about you?

Electronic cigarettes have evolved. What was once an alternative to the traditional tobacco types; is now a fashion symbol, a status or an entire new lifestyle choice. Customised e-cigarettes for example the Luxury crystal diamond e-cig battery have quickly worked their way on to the market. This rapidly developing fashion statement is now available in more colours than the IPhone 5C, sported by celebrities and imitated by the public.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jenny McCarthy, Stephen Dorff, Kevin Connolly, Bruno Mars, Arnold Schwarzenegger… these are but a few of the celebrity elite who have adopted the way of electronic cigarettes. Some of which have gone so far as to endorse them. Judging by Cara Delevingne’s Instagram alone, it is clear that the electronic cigarette has quickly become a status symbol of the most stylish people on the planet but how is it viewed by the average Joe?

For many, electronic cigarettes are understood as a substitute to tobacco cigarettes, providing the same great feeling but without the social exclusion or the lingering odour of tobacco smoke. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Many have praised the device for helping them move on from tobacco products entirely. X-Factor judge, Simon Cowell is a great example; once upon a time a two-pack-a-day menthol smoker. With the help of an e-cigarette he has quit smoking tobacco cigarettes altogether. The use of an electronic cigarette is therefore a sign of freedom and an opportunity for lifestyle change.

Electronic cigarettes are further supported by a myriad of accessories available to provide you with a uniquely tailored experience. From vast varieties of holders and charging packs to flavourings and strengths, retailers are indulging users with an opportunity to let the vape do the talking and truly stand out from the crowd. So, what do you think your ecig says about you? Talk to us on our Facebook page, or join the #ecigchat conversation on Twitter.