Electronic cigarettes have once again been receiving significant press coverage in recent days as a UK company becomes the first to show the act of 'vaping' on a television screen.

Initially, e-cigarettes were not permitted to be shown under any circumstances and were the subject of strict advertising rules. This led to many adverts conveying confusing messages and left ad executives scratching their heads on how to improve their advertising efforts under strict conditions.

In recent months however, regulator guidelines have determined that packaging can now be shown on television, and in the latest turn of events that e-cig products can be broadcast in use, providing they are not directed at non-smokers or those under the age of 18.

Almost two years have passed since the first electronic cigarette adverts hit UK TV screens, and in that time, we have witnessed over 1 million more people become full time vapers. It remains to be seen whether the newest e-cigarette advert to be broadcast under relaxed legislation will have the desired effect for the company in question, particularly as the theme of the advert divides opinion - a deliberate tactic which may ultimately backfire.

Meanwhile, the wider debate will continue to rage on regarding e-cigarettes on a number of levels. Gamucci have always been committed to high quality products, demonstrated by our wholly owned facilities and our commitment to serving existing adult smokers. We recognise the importance of quality and safety to our consumers, and it is an ethos which is at the forefront of everything we do.