A new study has revealed two thirds of smokers who have made the switch to e-cigarettes say they have fewer respiratory infections after two months of vaping instead of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

The online study published in the Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy and conducted by Queen Mary University of London assessed subjective changes in the symptoms of respiratory problems after smokers had made the switch to vaping for two months.

The results showed that just under 70% of respondents said they had experienced an improvement in respiratory symptoms and the authors claim that this provides unequivocal evidence “that vapour does not have the capacity to clog up the lungs as tobacco does.”

Senior author Professor Peter Hajek from QMUL said: 'There is no doubt that e-cigarettes are much safer than conventional cigarettes, but smokers are still led to believe that they're dangerous.' 

According to Public Health England e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than tobacco but nearly half the population (44.8%) think e-cigarettes are at least as harmful as smoking – which the Public Health England review labels as concerning.

Professor Hajek continued: 'The study needs to be interpreted with caution because it is based on self-reported data, and further studies using objective measures are needed. 

'However, the present results provide sufficient information to suggest that vaping does not increase infection rates and may in fact lead to a decrease in infections.'

Previous long term studies have either shown no significant respiratory effects associated with e-cigarette use over a period of a year and a half, or have found significant improvements.

Please note Gamucci cannot and does not recommend using e-cigarettes to stop smoking tobacco, or suggest any health benefit can be attained by making the switch to vaping.

Despite the limitations, the researchers say that the study provides a reasonable reassurance that vaping does not promote respiratory infections and may in fact reduce them.

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