Electronic cigarettes in recent years have become more widely available in shops, as demand soars for products. Not only have supermarkets jumped on board, stocking a variety of brands – there are bespoke vape shops which have opened up all over the country, selling an array of e-cig products and accessories.

The vast majority of electronic cigarette companies were born online, as company founders scrambled for market share in the most disruptive industry to come about in a long time. Gamucci, as the first e-cigarette brand to enter the European market, became exclusive category choice in Waitrose several years ago in an agreement that still exists to this day.

Supermarkets in recent times have started to focus on the convenience sector, which has broadened their appeal to those with busier lifestyles who do not have the time to focus on carrying out a larger shop. This has squeezed the independent newsagents and mini-markets to an extent, though their service to communities and the relationships they have built up over several years with the general public has hardened their resistance to the supermarket chains.

We spoke with some of our own retail customers about their experiences with Gamucci to discover why more retailers than ever are stocking Gamucci.

Mustapha, a shop owner in Tottenham, North London told Gamucci: “Electronic cigarettes offer me fantastic margins when compared with the margins I can make on tobacco cigarettes. Customers request Gamucci the most out of any of the brands I stock, as they are of high quality.”

Kuldeep, a shop assistant in Staines, Surrey said of Gamucci: “Amazing margins, a ready-made unit which means we can stock all of your products on day one, and customers love the product. We’re proud to stock Gamucci.”

Shelley, who owns a chain of independent stores in Eccles, Greater Manchester said: “We trialled Gamucci in one of our stores initially but was so impressed with the uptake that I had no hesitation in rolling them out into the remainder of our stores. Their Original flavour is one of our top selling SKUs right now.”

Mustapha, Kuldeep and Shelley all enjoy clear benefits by being a Gamucci retail customer. Do you own a retail store and would like to stock Gamucci? Contact our UK sales team today on 0800 033 7020 or email sales@gamucci.com

To find your nearest Gamucci store, why not try out our store locator? We are widely available in major retailers including Tesco, Waitrose, WHSmith and of course in your local newsagent.