In the film The Tourist, actor Johnny Depp’s character, Alexander Pearce, first made Americaaware of electronic cigarettes. The public has since seen e-cigarettes in

TV shows like Two Broke Girls and Late Night with David Letterman. Actors like Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron and a slew of other celebrities have been spotted and pictured in magazines using their electronic cigarettes.

In the UK electronic cigarettes have been smoked in the past by Kate Moss, Alan Titchmarch, Catherine Zita Jones and Dot Cotton. Maybe not quite such an illustrious list as our American Counterparts, but now Gamucci has users unlike any other: The Undead!

Saturday the 13th of October was to most, an unassuming and wet as any other in London, the dead walked, and drank, and yes, they even vaped! Gamucci was there during World Zombie Day London, an organized pub crawl created to raise money for the Charity St Mungo’s. Take a look at a happy zombie enjoying her Gamucci Electronic Cigarette!