He may be famous for never missing a penalty in a match, but little did he know that he would walk into a penalty of a very different kind on the Italian train service this past week. Mario Balotelli, as so many have, fell foul of the smoking regulations, this time on the trains when he was caught lighting up in the toilets, receiving a reprimand from the conductor, and a suspected fine from his coach.


So we here at Gamucci thought, if everyone else has had a try at taming the strikers wayward schemes, why not us? So here’s our top 5 reasons for Mario, or anybody else, as to why to pick up a Gamucci and make the switch to the better side of smoking…


1. Freedom to light up whenever.

Mario’s main problem, the Italian guard collaring him while he enjoyed a sneaky smoke on the train. With Gamucci this worry is a thing of the past, should he, or you, fancy a cigarette in your favourite restaurant, at your desk, even on the train (hint Mario), pull out your Gamucci and feel free to ‘light up’. The freedom to smoke when and where you want is back, and you never know you might help someone else make the switch.


 2. Heavier Pockets.

Although I’m sure his rumoured €4m salary stretches to a quite a few packs of Marlboro’s, who can’t afford to save money! And with Gamucci’s deluxe kit only costing £39.99, and the starter kit at just £9.99, money is no issue! When the included cartomizers (the thing holding the nicotine) runs out, just pick up some more priced at only £6.99 for 3, and you can smoke away the equivalent of 120 cigarettes. So if you’ve got a 20 a day habit, you will save more than £1500 pounds a year! Short change for Mario I’m sure, but we all can’t be picking up a footballers salary, and I’m sure even if we were, with making the switch to Gamucci so easy why wouldn’t you…


 3. Vapour not smoke.

I’d have thought when Mario lit up in the train he probably wasn’t considering the damages of second hand smoking, but if he was I’m sure he’d be interested in hearing about Gamucci’s second hand smoke, or lack thereof! The vapour emitted from our products is harmless to the person sat next to you.



 4. Part of the ‘in-crowd’

If Mr Balotelli was attending maybe, a hollywood bash, a music label launch, you know any of the taxing events he’s spotted at each week. This time he’s sat with, I don’t know, Kate Moss, Johnny Depp and Leo DiCaprio, and he wants to check if anyone wants to join him for a cigarette, imagine his surprise when they’re all seemingly puffing away already. Obviously we’re just trying to help Mario, so with those making the switch to electronic cigarettes hitting the A-list, this is a timely reminder, and even if you’re not sat on the station platform next to Katherine Heigl, a Gamucci will let you fit in with the ‘in-crowd’, while also saving poor Mario the embarrassment of being caught behind the times!


 5. Tobacco smell on your clothes, dirty fingernails and bad breath; now a distant memory.

I’m sure Mario likes to look good, he has had a series of really special haircuts, a body he’s not afraid to show off, and a model girlfriend on his arm; but what about that lingering odour on his breath, and clothes. Well with Gamucci these issues are all a thing of the past. The vapour is virtually odourless, nothing but water, you can smoke one second and still smell fresh for your next PR event, or maybe football match. The smell is virtually unrecognizable, but with a taste that has to be tried to be believed, you won’t be caught short on flavour, just now not everyone will know you’ve just nipped for a smoke round the corner.



So here at Gamucci, we hope we’ve helped, not just Mario, but Massimiliano Allegri (Mario’s manager), and maybe, if we’d been informed a bit sooner, Mr Mancini and the blue half of Manchester might be celebrating a consecutive title, but in any case now you know why to make the switch, what’s stopping you? Head over to www.gamucci.com, click on the shop and try the best way to enjoy smoking!


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