With EURO 2016 kicking off this evening in France, many people around the country will be heading to their local pubs and bars to catch England’s latest attempt to end 40 50 years of hurt.  So when England almost inevitably head to penalties and you grab for your Gamucci e-cigarette to calm the nerves, you might be forgiven for not considering the current rules on vaping at the pub, but, read on and hopefully you will have a better understanding before it get's to this stage...

Currently, e-cigarettes are not covered by any legislation in the UK that bans people from smoking indoors. This is due to the fact that smoking, by definition, requires a substance to be burnt, and as we know this is not the case with e-cigarettes. Although there is no national legislation banning use of e-cigarettes indoors, venues are able to use discretion and decide whether you can pick up your Gamucci.

The Morning Advertiser, a magazine aimed at Publican’s, has suggested that pubs allowing e-cigarettes may actually increase revenue for the establishment, as smokers no longer have to go outside to get a nicotine fix. Furthermore, not only are e-cigarettes good for the landlord’s pocket, but also the consumers, as three Gamucci Cartomizer lasting for around 60 cigarettes*, cost only £5.99, it's a big saving for you too!  

This substantial saving for the consumer and potential revenue gain for pubs and bars hasn’t stopped national chains including Wetherspoons and Mitchell and Butlers implementing e-cigarette bans, with the later citing that e-cigarettes may cause confusion for other patrons.

The Mitchell and Butler website states: “Although we realise that the fumes are just vapours and non-harmful this is not clearly understood by everyone and can lead to confusion for others.”

Therefore as you can see, the rules on vaping have become increasingly less clear in recent years.

The Welsh Assemblies recent change of mind dropping regulations that would have been the first in the UK to ban e-cigarettes in some public places was a welcome announcement, and hopefully an indication that in the not-too-distant future, as more people become used to e-cigarette use and the benefits and increasing medical support, there will be a relaxing of business specific rules. With “Vaping Allowed” signs becoming more common across the United Kingdom and further a-field this does seem to be the case.

So what do we recommend? Simply to ask before you vape. We suggest doing this at all indoor public places especially ones that do not have a defined rule, as checking with a member of staff is easy and they will typically have an answer ready. Play it safe and check, so you're sure to not miss out on what will hopefully be a great summer of football, whatever nation you're supporting! 

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*tested under controlled conditions