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#1 Study shows 2 million Brits have made the switch to Electronic Cigarettes!

The Office of National Statistics this week released new data about the use of electronic cigarettes in Great Britain. Their research has been strongly anticipated as it reveals a strong estimate of the amount of people in Britain who have made the switch to e-cigarettes and their reasons for making the switch.

They revealed that 4% of the British population now use an e-cigarette, with an estimated 2.2 million current e-cigarette users in 2015. ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) estimate that there is 2.6 million adults in Great Britain currently use electronic cigarettes however ONS have strict parameters on the term regular use.

Furthermore, the survey revealed the predominate reasons why smokers have made the switch to e-cigarettes, with over half (53%) of the 2.2 million current e-cigarettes users saying their main reason for vaping was to aid themselves in quitting smoking.

Just over 1 in 5 (22%) gave their main reason for vaping was because they felt e-cigarettes were less harmful than cigarettes. An opinion backed up by Public Health England, who argue that e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than their tobacco alternatives.

Surprisingly considering the huge savings that can be made by switching to electronic cigarettes like Gamucci, only 9% of people gave this as a main reason.

A further 9% said their main reason was because they could use e-cigarettes indoors.

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#2 Expert argues E-Cigarettes are behind increasing success of stop smoking attempts

The Smoking Toolkit Survey which provides information about smoking and smoking cessation in England has released figures showing the success rate for people trying to quit smoking jumped from 14 percent in 2011 to 23 percent in 2016 – a rise of nine percentage points.

Michael Siegel, a professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health, argues that this massive surge is due to the increasingly popularity of electronic cigarettes over the past few years.

 “Prior to 2011, virtually no smokers in England were using e-cigarettes to try to quit smoking, while approximately 30 percent were using NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy). By late last year, only about 10 percent of smokers were using NRT in quit attempts compared to about 40 percent using electronic cigarettes,” says Siegel.

Although this link is not conclusive, Siegel presents that this,

 “These data add to the strong evidence that electronic cigarettes can help smokers quit. Based on this research, which includes a randomized trial of e-cigarettes compared to the nicotine patch, it seems clear that electronic cigarettes are at least as effective as nicotine replacement therapy and probably more so.”

Please note - Gamucci e-cigarettes are simply an electronic alternative to tobacco.

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#3 Good news for Swedish Vapers as court overturns ban!

A Swedish court on Wednesday, 17th of February, overturned an earlier judicial ruling banning the sale of e-cigarettes. The reversal comes after The Supreme Administrative Court presented that e-cigarettes are not medical products and simply an alternative to smoking, and therefore did not fall under the remit of the National Drug Agency, who consequently could not oppose sales.

"To be a medical product, it must have the ability prevent or treat a disease and, therefore, provide a beneficial effect on human health," the court's ruling read.

Responsible electronic cigarette manufactures and sellers, like Gamucci, ensure that products "do not contain instructions on how they could be used to reduce the consumption of cigarettes or nicotine addiction," according to the court.

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