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#1 Survey shows the game-changing benefits of Electronic Cigarettes!


An online survey conducted by the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) throughout December has found 87% of people surveyed who currently vape or have done so attributed their stopping of smoking to their use of an electronic cigarette!

The survey which was targeted at American, current regular e-cigarette users, asked questions on four subjects: Smoking History, the role of flavours, received Medical Advice and their response to a FDA Ban on electronic cigarettes, took around five to ten minutes to complete and received over 20,000 responses.

Dr. Carl Phillips argues that this particular survey is much more useful than many others which he argues: “lacked clearly-defined target populations and thus collected a convenience sample of responses.”

With just over 20,000 responses deemed acceptable, of these, 17,186 respondents claimed that they have successfully used e-cigarettes as a tool in their stop smoking attempt.

With, 64% reporting that they switched completely almost instantly, 21% reported dual-use but quit completely within a month, 11% used both for between one and six months before quitting smoking, and 3% used both cigarettes and e-cigs for more than six months.

Only 5% of those surveyed still smoked sometimes and of the 980 people who answered, 34% reported smoking less than one cigarette a day on average, 42% one to 5 per day, and 23% more than five.

94% of subjects claimed to have made at least one attempt to quit smoking before using electronic cigarettes, with 71% having tried nicotine replacement therapies (NRT).

We will bring you more from this groundbreaking study over the next couple of weeks, with insights and answers on the other three questions surveyed and please note that Gamucci is simply an electronic alternative to tobacco cigarettes 

Thanks to the Daily Caller for bringing this study to our attention and you can read the full story HERE

#2 Hull's Public Health team is backing e-cigarettes!

Tim Fielding, the city manager for health and well-being, has explained Hull City Council's public health department share Public Health England's conclusion that e-cigarettes were significantly less harmful than tobacco and have the potential to help smokers quit.

Public Health England recently presented that in their opinion e-cigarettes are at least 95% safer than their tobacco alternatives.

Hull currently has the highest rate of adult smoking anywhere in the UK and the city spends nearly a million pounds on smoking, including stop- smoking work, nicotine replacement therapy and enforcement in the fight against counterfeit and underage sales.

However, Mr Fielding now argued that e-cigarettes or vaping, is "an absolute game-changer in public health".

He said: "While we don't know everything and there is potentially some very small harm, they are absolutely better and less harmful than smoking and, therefore, should be supported.

"Our position is still that stopping smoking completely through recognised routes is the best thing in terms of harm.

"But we need to take a more common-sense approach to be able to acknowledge this is something that is happening and in no way put our heads in the sand and deny it."

Read the full story HERE

#3 Outcry at misleading study from the public and Health Officials

Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at Boston University School of Public Health with 25 years of experience in the field of tobacco control has hit back at dubious study published in ‘Oral Oncology’

The hugely-respected scientist, said, “not only is this conclusion baseless, but it is damaging to the public’s health. It undermines decades of public education about the severe hazards of cigarette smoking.”

Although the lead scientist of the study did state that the research “didn’t seek to mimic the actual dose of vapor that an e-cigarette user would get”, this didn’t stop some sections of the media using it to suit its narrative.

However, after huge outcry about the findings, which led the Daily Caller call the results an “opinion way outside the medical mainstream”, this has led to the host of public health professional’s disproval, including Dr. Michael Sigel and Clive Bates.

The head scientist of the study has now come out to correct and clarify the study in a press release.

Dr. Michael Siegel said that “To declare that smoking is no more hazardous than using e-cigarettes, a non-tobacco-containing product is a false and irresponsible claim.”

Read the full story HERE

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