Welcome to the third weekly round-up of e-cigarette stories. At Gamucci we are always trying our keep our customers informed about the latest going-on's in the world of electronic cigarettes. Supplementing our main stories - this compilation will give you a brief snapshot of all the e-cigarette news you may have missed over the past week. 

#1 Research Shows the Effectiveness of E-Cigarettes

Research by the British Thoracic Society has led the organisation to argue that E-cigarettes are helping London smokers to reduce their cigarette-use or in nearly 40% of cases kick their habit completely.

The Croydon Respiratory Team’s (CRT) pilot study analysed the use, and impact, of e-cigarettes among people using Croydon’s stop smoking and lung health services.

The research, undertaken by questionnaire among 50 smokers and ex-smokers, found that:

- 80% of the sample had used e-cigarettes on their own, or in combination with other nicotine replacement products 

- 42% had reduced their cigarette-use

- 38% had quit cigarettes completely

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Dr Sanjay Agrawal, consultant lung specialist & Chair of the British Thoracic Society’s Tobacco Special Advisory Group, said:

“Our response to e-cigarettes must be led by the evidence. The key issue is around 10 million Britons still smoke tobacco with one in two long term smokers dying from their habit. So it’s vital we explore every opportunity to support people to quit.  And e-cigarettes are a very popular way to cut down or kick the habit.  So we need to study how we can best use their potential - alongside all the other ways to stop smoking.”

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#2 MP's Avoid Using Designated Vaping Zones at the Houses of Parliament

According to the Sun, Commons bosses have been blasted for wasting taxpayers’ money installing two useless “vaping areas” around parliament that nobody uses.

Vaping Zone
The ‘Vaping Zones’, were installed in the summer after Parliament decided to ban vaping in the Houses of Parliament. However, according to the Sun - MP’s are said to prefer vaping in their offices and Commons bar with the vaping zones having not been used at all! 

One MP was quoted as saying: “They’re a waste of time and money. They’ve put a bit plywood down and spray painted ‘VAPING AREA’ on the floor and I’ve never seen a single person use them.”

Vaping Conservative MP Stephen Metcalfe said: “The ban is so silly that MPs are increasingly ignoring it – which is not a great image for lawmakers.”

He added: “We need evidence-based policy making on vaping.”

Conservative peer and science writer Lord Ridley told The Sun: “This ban is scientifically illiterate, control-freakery.

“Let’s have a sensible discussions about where is polite to vape – but banning MPs and Lords from vaping in their own private offices is more than stupid.

“We want to help people off tobacco not push them back into smoking.”

The All-Party Group for E-Cigs, set up by Conservative MP Mark Pawsey, has also criticised the daft clampdown that forces vapers outside like real smokers.p these areas relate to floor painting and signage.”

He said: “The problem is that some of those spaces are used by conventional tobacco smokers and we have the absurd situation where vapers, people who have in most cases quit tobacco, are forced to stand side by side with smokers.

“Given the recent Public Health England Report which stated that e-cigarettes are “around 95% safer than smoking” and pose “no identified health risks to bystanders” the rule seems unwarranted.

“We have recently written to the Parliamentary authorities about this ruling asking for an explanation as to how, and why, the decision was made.”

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#3 Association of Multiple Licensed Retailers Criticises Welsh Government Plan

The Association of Multiple Licensed Retailers has responded to the Welsh Government’s decision to amend plans for a ban on e-cigarettes in public places.

According to Eat Out Magazine, the ALMR has argued that a ban on vaping in licensed hospitality venues is likely to be unhelpful and that there is no evidence showing e-cigarettes to cause harm.

As we reported earlier in the week the original Welsh Public Health bill was unable to gather enough support to pass through the Senedd, leading Welsh Health Minister Mark Drakeford  to amend the bill, which will now still ban use of e-cigarettes in various spaces including eating places.

Kate Nicholls, chief executive of the ALMR, said: “The Welsh Government has acknowledged that there is widespread opposition to its Health bill, but continues to push forward with proposals despite a lack of evidence of harm.

“By its own admission, there is no proof that e-cigarettes cause substantial harm and yet the Welsh Government is looking to enact legislation that has the potential to seriously disrupt trade for hospitality businesses.

“Pubs, bars and nightclubs have their own policies regarding the use of electronic cigarettes within their venues and we see no reason why any such policy should not be at the discretion of the licensee. Unless we are presented with evidence that the use of such devices in a pub, bar or restaurant, comes with significant risk, heavy-handed legislation such as this should be avoided.”

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