Welcome to the second weekly round-up of e-cigarette stories. At Gamucci we are always trying our keep our customers informed about the latest going-on's in the world of electronic cigarettes. Supplementing our main stories - this compilation will give you a brief snapshot of all the e-cigarette news you may have missed over the past week. 

#1 Are the Welsh Assembly going to perform a U-Turn on banning E-Cigarettes?

As reported by Gamucci back in June, the Welsh Assembly had initally decided to ban e-cigarettes in public places; however today it has emerged that a party split in the Assembly is preventing any legislation passing.

The revealing report published by the Health and Social Care committee shows a split down party lines, with Labour AMs supporting a ban but there is strong opposition from the Welsh Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrats’ Kirsty Williams.

The Welsh Government wants to ban the use of e-cigarettes in enclosed public and work places under the Public Health Bill, with health minister Mark Drakeford arguing that e-cigarette may re-normalise smoking and would assist in the enforcement of already existing smoke-reforms. The group in favour accepted Mr Drakeford's, while those against said there was insufficient evidence for both statements with research published by the Welsh Health Survey earlier this year not finding a single e-cigarette user who had not previously been a smoker. 

Those against the legislation have forcefully argued that the evidence presented showed the potential for e-cigarettes to play a significant role in improving public health and reducing harm. 

"In a public consultation on the proposals last year, 79% of responses were opposed to the legislation."

Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said: “The evidence presented to the committee has been clear that this ban would have an adverse impact on the health of vapers, many of whom use e-cigs as a tool to give up smoking.

“I’m confused as to how Labour have come to a completely opposing view from the same evidence.

“Forcing vapers outside to use their e-cigs with tobacco smokers will subject them to passive smoke, making the task of those who are vaping in order to give up smoking much more difficult.”

This story promises to continue on so keep an eye on the Gamucci news page for further developments.

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#2 London Midland follows Southern in banning electronic cigarettes on their trains

From today, passengers on London Midland train services will no longer be permitted to use their e-cigarettes whilst on the train or platform. This follows on from a decision by Southern Rail which banned e-cigarettes early in the summer.

London Midland's decision comes at a time where many businesses have had to clarify or create their own e-cigarette policy, including many shopping centres and work places across the UK, with a number of work places deciding that vaping, in contradiction to this decision, helps staff and management make up on the lost time from smoking breaks. Nonetheless London Midland staff have also been instructed not to use the devices while working at any of its sites including depots and offices.

A spokesman for London Midland said: "E-cigarettes produce a vapour to mimic smoke and can look very similar to the real thing. As their use has increased in popularity, so have instances of conflict and confusion amongst customers and colleagues when e-cigarette users 'light up'."

"The decision to say 'no' to e-cigarettes has been taken after reviewing feedback from front-line staff across our business, as well as customers. London Midland isn't alone in this decision; the majority of train operators have already introduced similar policies."

Discrete Vaping

The decision has prompted ECITA (The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association) to pen an open letter proposing a third option for private business seeking to clarify their e-cigarette policy - installing signs banning large clouds of vapour, but allowing discrete vaping.

Citing Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive of anti-smoking charity, Action on Smoking and Health, they argue that the issue is down to the cosmetic similarities rather than any harm caused.

“There is no evidence that the vapour produced by electronic cigarettes is harmful in the same way as tobacco smoke. For that reason ASH does not support a blanket ban on the use of these devices in all enclosed public places. However, it’s up to individual organisations, including train operators, to choose whether or not to permit their use. We’d suggest that before doing so they think about the potential health benefits of these products which are mainly used by smokers trying to quit.”

With the banning / allowing of e-cigarettes in private businesses and public spaces becoming a 'hot topic' - these ‘discrete vaping’ signs would allow businesses and services to toe the careful balancing act between banning and full allowance. 

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#3 USA: E-Cigarettes now only allowed in carry-on luggage

New regulations from the U.S. Department of Transportation have come into force effectively banning electronic cigarettes from checked-in baggage. Although, thankfully, passengers will still be allowed to pack their favourite e-cigarettes in their carry-on luggage.

Use of e-cigarettes whilst on the plane will remain banned.  

The new law has come into force after a small percentage of passengers have left vaping devices on - whilst they were in the care of the airline, which in very rare cases have caused them to overheat. 

At Gamucci we always recommend responsible use of our e-cigarettes, and suggest turning your Gamucci e-cigarette off whilst flying for peace-of-mind. 

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