At Gamucci we are always trying our keep our customers informed about the latest going-on's in the world of electronic cigarettes. Supplementing our main stories - this compilation will give you a brief snapshot of all the e-cigarette news you may have missed over the past week. 

#1 Rutgers School of Public Health and the Schroeder Institute - Public E-Cigarette Usage

The first story in our round up of the week in electronic cigarette news comes from and their interview with Dr Cristine D. Delnevo, PhD, MPH. 

Speaking about research conducted by Rutgers School of Public Health and the Schroeder Institute about Public E-Cigarette usage, they "found that people who have quit smoking cigarettes within the last year are four times more likely than current smokers to use e-cigarettes daily" arguing that “this is in line with other recent evidence that regular, daily e-cigarette use may help some smokers quit cigarettes,” said Cristine Delnevo, researcher at the School of Public Health and lead author of the study.

Dr Cristine D. Delnevo also presented that by analysising data from the National Health Interview Survey, which was conducted in late 2014, they found - as expected, “daily e-cigarette use is highest among former smokers”, with use of e-cigarettes “rare” amongst those “who have never smoked and former smokers who have quit more than a year ago.”

“This suggests that many smokers may be using e-cigarettes to quit, and that the devices are neither attracting nonsmokers nor leading to smoking relapse among long term former smokers.”

Additionaly, David Abrams, the Schroeder Institute’s executive director presented that “The findings suggest that e-cigarettes could be used to displace much more toxic cigarettes among smokers and generate an impressive public health benefit in terms of lives saved."

Read the full story HERE

#2 The NCRI Conference - "The Impact of E-Cigarettes"

Speaking at the yearly NCRI Conference, Professor of Health Policy at the University of Stirling, Linda Bauld, presented her research on the benefits of electronic cigarettes.

Following on from the recently published and much publicised report by Public Health England which argued that users experience at least a 95% reduction in harm when switching to e-cigarettes from tobacco; Professor Bauld argued that “We should be encouraging people to use E-cigarettes rather than equating them with tobacco use”.

In the video interview which is linked to below, she also touched upon one of the biggest issues facing the electronic cigarette market - recent evidence showing a surprisingly large amount of tobacco users who wrongly believe e-cigarettes to be as harmful, or more harmful than tobacco.

Professor Bauld argues that government must do more to demonstrate the vast difference between the two products, saying that, “Legislation such as banning the use of E-cigarettes in public places in Wales is dangerous - as it sends out the message that they present the same danger.”  

And Professor Bauld explained that although the potential dangers of second-hand vapour is one of the most discussed aspects of the aforementioned legislation, she argues that “There is no risk posed by second-hand vapour as there is with second-hand smoke.”

Watch the full and extremely informative video interview HERE

#3 Number of NHS Smoking Cessation Products Handed Out in Scotland Drops

According to a recently published study there has been a huge decline in the amount of stop smoking aids handed out by Scotland’s NHS, with Scottish Public Health Minister Maureen Watt attributing the decline to the increasing number of people who have switched to e-cigarettes.

Nearly 170,000 less cessation products have been handed out in the last year, which represents a decline of nearly a third on the number from 2014. The statistics which were released in late October also showed that the number of quit attempts supported by NHS smoking cessation services had dropped by 39% since 2012.

The decline has in some circles been attributed to the increasing number of people who have switched to e-cigarettes, with 1 in 20 adults in Scotland [Scottish Household Survey 2014] now using e-cigarettes - and almost a third of all current smokers and recent ex-smokers have now switched to vaping.

Public Health Minister Maureen Watt told The Daily Record, “This is likely to be the result of a combination of factors, one of which is the increasing use of electronic cigarettes as an alternative aid to stopping smoking.

Watt added that, “While more research is needed, e-cigarettes are almost certainly less harmful than tobacco, and if people are using them as an aid to quit smoking, that is a good thing,”

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