On Saturday 16th March 2013 during Wales and England’s final Six Nation match up, the world watched as England attempted to make it a Grand Slam against a Wales side seeking their own 6 Nations title. An exciting matchup watched up and down the nation, ended with a comfortable Wales victory of 30-3. However as the world absorbed the 80 minutes of action, Gamucci made history becoming the first E-cigarette manufacturer to advertise at a major international sporting event. This leads on from Gamucci’s history of being the trendsetter of the electronic cigarette market.


Seen around the world Gamucci’s logo stood out amongst the crowd, demonstrating the brands potential to be the market leader not only in the production of e-cigarettes but in the marketing of them. The name and logo all seemed very at home amongst much more established brands, a testament to the companies endeavour in creating the best possible product.

Gamucci - Scrum

Pushing on from very successful campaigns in the Metro, the Sun, the Mirror and the Star, Gamucci moved into sporting event advertising as a means of promoting electronic cigarettes within the broader market, and the brand whom have been the orchestrators in the evolution of e-cigarettes within the UK were extremely successful in their implementation. As Halfpenny kicked Wales into victory, the brand standing out amongst the rest was Gamucci. And what we can see from this, is the potential of e-cigarettes, not only as an alternative to the cigarette but as a lifestyle choice that is becoming more and more ingrained within the British market. As this happens Gamucci has begun to establish itself as the synonymous brand of the product, a company pushing forward not just with the market leading technology required, but as a brand set within a very strong position and it was a honour for the company to support a British institution like the RFU.


What we can gather from this is that Gamucci and the e-cigarette market that follows has firmly established itself within the public consciousness. Establishing a strong backbone of the brand was always the initial plan for Gamucci, and now this has happened the evolution of the name so synonymous with the e-cigarette market has pushed into the mainstream, as the superior alternative to tobacco.


Gamucci has firmly placed itself as the brand in the perfect direction, the buzzword of the electronic cigarette market, and as this all comes together, with even bigger plans in the pipeline Gamucci is surely positioning itself at the head of the e-revolution. Keep your eyes open, because this is just the start.