The Behavioural Insight Team, aka the ‘Nudge Unit’ has backed e-cigarettes!

The influential group headed by psychologist David Halpern, has asserted that vaping provides the simplest route for smokers to stop – primarily due to the similarities in psychical and psychological effects electronic cigarettes have with analogue cigarettes. And although Gamucci does not suggest using our electronic cigarettes to quit smoking, this research does show the reasons people are switching to electronic cigarettes and away from tobacco. 

Michael Hallsworth, the head of Health and Tax on the team, said e-cigarettes were now "the most successful product at helping people to quit smoking, and the evidence shows that almost all users of e-cigarettes are former smokers".The assertion is presented in a progress report published by The Behavioural Insight Team which touches upon numerous subjects, including electronic cigarettes.

Hallsworth adds that an "important tenet" of behaviour change is that it is "much easier to substitute a similar behaviour than to eliminate an entrenched one".

The Behavioural Insight Team has also stressed their support for ‘crucial regulatory framework’, especially in regards to the marketing of e-cigarette / vaping products to children. Although, currently responsible electronic cigarette brands, like Gamucci, ensure that they maintain an internal code of conduct, especially in regards to the sale and advertisement of e-cigarettes to children untilo a national law preventing is ratified in April 2016.

The Behaviourial Insights Team was originally a government initiative before its part-privatisation last year. It has conducted numerous pieces of research since being set up in 2010. The team has presented research on a vast array of subjects including, charitable endeavour ‘Giving a day’s salary to charity’, alongside a study to stop errors in the distinguishing between micrograms and milligrams on medical prescriptions, and a piece intending to ‘Increase loft insulation installation’ that led to a fivefold increase in insulating of household lofts.

You can read the team’s report for yourself HERE

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