The announcement of President Obama’s recent budget brought with it a new tax increase on tobacco products, raising the current amount by almost double to $1.95 per pack. This story reported by Bloomsburg Business denotes that this would be largest tax increase since the President’s 61 cent increase in 2009, which cost consumers far more than the tax increase itself, and this new tax is expected to raise the price of a pack by around a third. Therefore as Convenience Store News reported, this will be opening another huge door for the electronic cigarette manufactures currently mobilising with an increasingly dissatisfied tobacco customer base.


“A federal tax hike on traditional cigarettes would likely be followed by list prices increases from the manufacturers in excess of the federal increase, as well a likely uptick in state tax increases. These could, in aggregate, raise cigarette prices upwards of $2 per pack,” Herzog said. “Since e-cigarettes are not currently federally taxed, this would widen the price gap of e-cigs vs. traditional cigs, spurring greater interest and trial in e-cigarettes.” [csnews]


Thusly as the market becomes more and more crowded, electronic cigarette brands, such as Gamucci are positioning themselves very strongly, as trusted e-cigarette reviewer argued, the disparity between the premier brands and others is causing confusion within this relatively fledgling market. They promoted Gammuci as the best electronic cigarette, and argued that the willingness of the company to promote a premium product, not just in taste, and experience but the commitment to be manufactured by themselves, and tested thoroughly, sets them apart from the rest of the marketplace.


So with prices always seeming to be on the increase within the old-tobacco market, and the electronic cigarette revolution clearly underway, let us know what you think on the effect this will have on your decision to make the switch to Gamucci, so come join the discussion on our Facebook, or Twitter.


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