Transport for London, or TFL to you and me, have causedUnderground outrage amongst staff today by outlawing e-cigarettes because they look ‘too realistic’!

This comes as many other organisations have sort to loosen previously misguided regulations on e-cigarettes in the workplace and in public areas.

In an internal email to staff, the organisation writes: “E-cigarettes and nicotine inhalers are extremely difficult to differentiate from real cigarettes, therefore if someone uses an e-cigarette or nicotine inhaler in the workplace it might look like they are smoking a real cigarette.

“This is not the image we want to portray to customers and colleagues.”

Although we at Gamucci wouldn’t recommend e-cigarettes to those in public facing positions, removing the possibility of office based staff from using e-cigarettes comes with not just a health warning for staff, but also a financial implication to the business.

Jill Collis, London Underground’s director of health, safety and environment said: “Smoking isn’t allowed on any part of the Tube network. Our staff are also not allowed to use electronic cigarettes whilst working. Those who wish to do so can smoke these during their breaks.

“We are currently looking at the issues around the use of electronic cigarettes by customers.”

So let us know what you think, would an e-cigarette ban on TFL operated services cause you any trouble, or is this is a welcome decision? We're always happy to talk so get in touch via,, or our Twitter / Facebook