Today it has been announced that from the 1st of October smoking in cars with children present will be outlawed. The law was passed by an overwhelming majority of MPs with a vote of 342 to 74 in favour.

The law change means that drivers found flouting the law in England could be fined £50, and the new law will apply to all vehicles except for convertibles with the top down.

Bans on smoking in cars with children present are not a new concept, as they already exist in areas of Canada and Australia alongside a number of US states. One US state that was very early to adopt this law was California, with it coming into effect under the guidance of Governor and Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger. California is also known for it's larger than average uptake of electronic cigarettes.

The UK law was passed by Professor Dame Sally Davies, who is the chief medical officer, and after passing the law said that it was a “significant victory for protecting children’s health from second-hand smoke”.

Did you know that smoke from a cigarette can stay in the air for up to two and half hours even with a window open?

This new law comes at a time when the UK’s laws on cigarettes have become far more rigid, especially after 2007's initial smoking ban in public places. Recently it has become law to have cigarettes covered at the counter of a shop, and there are reports that legislation for plain packaging for cigarettes, similar to those found in Austrailia, are to be pushed through prior to the General Election in May.

Let us know what you think - do you support these measures and do you think they will be a success?

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