A paper published online in Addiction has revealed an estimated 6.1 million Europeans have stopped smoking by making the switch to vaping!

The researchers of the paper examined data collected in 2014 by the European Commission on the smoking habits of the population in 28 European countries, to discern the success of electronic cigarettes in the global harm reduction agenda.

 After sifting through the data, they found that incredibly 35 percent of respondents to the survey had used e-cigarettes to kick tobacco completely, with the most success coming from those who used e-cigarettes more often as they reduced their tobacco intake. 

The paper revealed that 30.6% of respondents to the survey, who had said they vaped daily, successfully stopped smoking; whilst in comparison those who used an e-cigarette once a week or less, only 8.9 percent said they no longer smoked.

Please note Gamucci cannot and does not recommend using e-cigarettes to stop using tobacco.

The researchers then used these findings to extrapolate across the European population resulting in an estimated by incredible number of 6.1 million people who have made the switch to vaping and quit smoking completely.

They also estimate that roughly 9.2 million people have now been able to cut back by becoming dual users of tobacco and e-cigarettes.

Furthermore, according to VICE Motherboard, in the autumn of last year representatives from Pfizer told their reporter Kaleigh Rogers, that Chantix, a stop smoking drug “had been prescribed to 22 million unique patients around the world since it came on the market. With a 23 percent effectiveness rate, that means an estimated 5 million people will have stopped smoking by taking the drug.”

Research shows nicotine patches and gum only work 6 percent of the time.

Rogers says that the research published in Addiction could put “vaping on par with some of our best smoking cessation technology.”

Although as pointed out by the authors of this study the research does have its limitation, foremost the fact the huge 6.1 million number is based on extrapolating a smaller survey of 27,801 people, they do argue that “these indicators show further research needs to be done, and perhaps we need to approach it [vaping] in a different way than we have in the past.”

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