Good news for British MPs!

Today it has emerged pending Speaker John Bercow’s approval, that MPs will be allowed to puff on their e-cigarette inside Parliament, reversing the decision seen to be on the cards just over a month ago. 

After lobbying by MPs and researchers the Parliamentary committee has decided to allow e-cigarettes in Parliament. MPs will be permitted to use their electronic cigarettes, such as Gamucci, in the Portcullis House building, their own offices and Stranger’s – the main pub for MPs.

Following the lead of many businesses across the country worried about the loss of work hours caused by cigarette breaks, the Parliamentary Committee has opted to allow MPs to vape in the comfort and warmth of the Houses of Parliament, rather than having to step outside alongside traditional cigarette smokers.

Electronic cigarettes are increasingly being seen as an alternative for both the nations politicians and business people in cutting down on the lost working hours that smoking causes as research we previously posted on our blog by the Ohio State University showed.

So get in contact and let us know what you think. Should MP’s be allowed to vape inside the Houses of Parliament, and can you in your office?

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