Firstly, Happy New Year from everyone here at Gamucci! 2015 was a great year for us and we hope it was the same for you - so let's make 2016 even better! 

With resolutions and our new New Year, New You advertisements, it really is the perfect time for making the switch to electronic cigarettes. So read on as we offer our top tips for making the switch to Gamucci Electronic Cigarettes.

#1 Choose the Gamucci Electronic cigarette to suit you

The Gamucci Vitesse is our newest product and the one that revolutionised our range. Launched last year, it is the first e-cigarette to feature our patented VaporCore technology for a next generation vaping experience. VaporCore delivers long-lasting battery life, consistent flavour, and above all else the ultimate in satifaction. Our patented technology allows us to fit all of this into a lightweight sleek design, which is perfect for both the beginner and the aficionado.

Or, if you're searching for the ultimate in simplictiy, the Gamucci Micro USB starter kit is the way to go for you. Looking and feeling like a traditional cigarette, with the Micro you simply click on one of our pioneering Cartomizers – and you are ready to go! This the perfect product for those trying e-cigarettes for the first time, or for those who are looking for a no-fuss e-cig, as the Micro is as pick up as you will find.

#2 Find the flavours you enjoy!

We try to offer something for everybody’s taste,  from our original Tobacco flavours, to the wilder Watermelon and Mango flavours. The Gamucci range has a flavour for all palates. Our recommendation is to begin with the original tobacco flavours, especially if you’re making the switch from traditional cigarettes.

But, don’t feel constrained by this advice, as many people much prefer our sweet or blended flavours and recently we introduced a new way to sample the Gamucci collection - Make it Yours! Here you can pick any six flavours from our Premium E-Liquid range, and saving £4.99. So you can take a taste of everything that takes your fancy!

#3  Get in touch, we are here to help

When making the switch the electronic cigarettes some people can find the process slighlty intimidating, with the new jargon, and range of options - so if you're feeling a bit lost, the first place to go is the Gamucci Help Centre. With a comprehensive guide to almost everything in the world of e-cigarettes, it's a great place to gain a understanding of our devices and refills before purchasing. Visit our Help Centre HERE

If you can't find what you're looking for, or if you would just like to speak to us, simply get in contact on Facebook / Twitter or give us a call on 0800 033 70 20 where we will be happy to go through our range or help with any questions to find the perfect e-cigarette for you!

#4  Get in the Routine

There is nothing worse when making the switch to e-cigarettes than leaving the house without it – so make your device part of your routine. Pick it up in the morning and put in on charge when you go to bed, this way you’ll get in to the routine before you know it.

Our customers are often saying that one of their top tips is to pick up a spare battery, this way you will always have one charged when you need it.

Gamucci is stocked by over 8,000 retailers, so there should always be somewhere to pick up your refills on the go. Visit our online store locator so you’ll never be without them.

#5 Remember to ENJOY

Although number five on or list, this is the number one tip to remember - Enjoy your new Gamucci e-cigarette! Vaping is an unrivalled alternative to tobacco, so pick up the flavours that tantalise your taste-buds, and our pioneering technology will do the rest!

Get in contact on the below links and let us know your top tips for those switching to Gamucci, and we will feature our favourites on this blog.

Or if you have any questions feel free to get in contact on Facebook / Twitter /