A recent survey conducted by Reuters/Ispos has revealed that 10% of the US adult population are now using e-cigarettes - a considerable rise from 2013, when the US Government estimated that around 2.6% of Americans were vaping. 

The survey, which received over five and half thousand responses, sought to ascertain why there has been such  a large increase in usage in the past two years.

Almost half of respondents said they were motivated to start vaping by family and friends, with recommendations and more in-depth information providing the most trusted reasons for people making the switch. Comparatively, just over 40% said they chose to switch to e-cigs because they are cheaper than smoking and can be used indoors.

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Additionally the vast majority of respondents who currently vaped (81%) said that they were using e-cigarettes as  a route to quitting smoking, with 24% of these people having stopped consuming tobacco entirely. However interestingly, only 37% of the total surveyed, which included non-vapers, expressed the opinion that e-cigarettes were a route to a tobacco-free lifestyle.

As previously posted on the Gamucci news site, Public Health England's recently published study on e-cigarettes led to the health body claiming in their opinion that e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than smoking.

Consequently this affirmation of support for e-cigarettes has led to the Health Body expressing concern with the increasing number of people who believe vaping to be equally or more harmful than smoking - and this survey has done nothing to alleviate these concerns.

Only 72 percent of vapers surveyed by Reuters/Ispos agreed that electronic cigarettes are actually healthier than traditional cigarettes, and more alarmingly, only 35 percent of all adults surveyed agreed with this sentiment - it therefore appears that there is much more be done before these concerns are addressed.

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