New research published this week by Euromonitor has revealed the incredible rise of the electronic cigarette market in the UK over the past few years. 

Firstly, Euromonitor research showed that owing to an increase in public awareness and the availability of electronic cigarettes in the UK, Britons now spend around £800 million on the tobacco alternatives including Gamucci. This represents an incredible increase from 2011 when annual spending on electronic cigarettes across Britain was around £50 million.   

The research firm not only sought to ascertain whether the growth of the electronic cigarette market had increased over the past few years and by how much, but whether their rise had played a part in the ongoing rejuvenation of Britain’s hard-hit high streets .

Therefore it must be extremely rewarding for many small business owners across the country that analysts at Euromonitor have found there has been an unprecedented increase in high shops that sell e-cigarettes; whilist in 2011 there were 340 shops in England, Scotland and Wales selling vaping products, today there are 1,552!  

This massive increase has not only made buying your favourite brand of e-cigarette Gamucci easier than ever, but has played a part in the burgeoning rejuvenation of Britain’s high streets. Where once shops laid empty, today there are e-cigarette shops helping smokers make the switch, and this can not only be a good thing for the nation’s health but also local businesses.  

Shane MacGuill of the research firm has attributed much of this incredible rise to the monumental savings smokers can make by switching to e-cigarettes. He estimates a smoker currently smoking between 15 and 20 cigarettes a day can make a saving of 90% on their previous spend per month when switching to e-cigarettes like Gamucci.

Furthermore, while it has long been argued in some corners of the media that e-cigarettes may act as a gateway to tobacco by in some part reducing the stigma of smoking, researchers at Euromonitor argue this has not been in the case, as their figures show smoking rates across the UK continue to fall dramatically year on year.

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