Deputy Prime Minister has revealed to the Daily Mail that he has finally managed to kick the cigarettes after switching to vaping.  

Mr Clegg said that his previously attempted quit smoking attempt using the 'cold turkey' method was unsuccessful and he had quickly returned to tobacco. This time however, he made the switch to vaping, and says this has helped him give up cigarettes for good.

‘At the moment, at least for the last several weeks, I am off the fags and on the vapes. I haven’t smoked a cigarette in weeks.'

He told the Daily Mail that he never uses his e-cigarette at work, although he could, as recent recent legislation has been passed allowing vaping in the Houses of Parliament. The Deputy Prime Minister does say however that he does vape in his own home, so he is no longer banished to the garden when he needs his nicotine fix.

‘I now don’t need to cower in the rain. I only ever smoke very little, only in the evenings when the kids have gone to bed and all the rest of it.'

He confirmed that he had made the switch on Nick Ferrari's LBC call-in radio show, after a caller had accused Mr Clegg of supporting potential legislation to ban or heavily tax electronic cigarettes, he instead denied this claim, and explained that he was in fact a convert. 



As you can see in the above clip, the Liberal Democrat leader informed host Nick Ferrari that he hadn't had an "old-fashioned cigarette for weeks and weeks and weeks." and that he developed a penchant for blueberry flavour E-Liquid, ‘You can put all different flavours in it. I have tried the blueberry, it’s good. I recommend the blueberry vape"

Nick Ferrari warmly welcomed the revelation: "I'm so pleased! This is tremendous news, I'm so pleased! How long have you been vaping?"

"About a month and a half," revealed the Liberal Democrats leader.

This will be welcome news for Liberal Democrat voters as well, as Mr Clegg said that by ditching old-fashioned cigarettes and switching to vaping that he was now heading into the election as "fit as a fiddle".