Nothing's worse on the first day of a holiday than arriving at the hotel room only to realise that one essential item was so unfortunately at left home ... Solving this problem was top priority last week for Kate Moss, after she realised upon arrival on her family holiday in Ibiza that her favourite brand of e-cig had been left behind. 

Kate Moss - ecigUndetered after checking the local shops, she decided to have a member of her staff flown over clutching the electronic cigarettes in order to help satisfy her cravings.

A source close to Kate Moss, speaking to the Daily Mirror explained, 

''Kate has been a smoker for many years but recently she has got worried about wrinkles and other signs of ageing. She has made a great effort to cut down and she has been doing well."

''But sometimes, especially on holiday, she craves them more and more."

''So she called home and had them couriered, paying more than £300 for a last-minute flight, more than £1,000 for a hotel room for the driver and hundreds on other related expenses.''

Kate was first introduced to e-cigarettes by media mogul and previous feature of our news site Simon Cowell, using them ever since.

Citing that Kate's determination not to return to cigarettes had led her to such great lengths, the insider added,

''She knows the trip was a tad excessive but felt it better than having to start her good work all over again.''

Kate Moss joins many other celebrities who have decided to make the switch to electronic cigarettes, including amongst others,  Johnny Depp, Katherin Hegel and Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame, having all of which been recently spotted with e-cigarettes.

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