Professor Umberto Tirelli, Director of the Medical Oncology Department at the National Cancer Institute in Aviano, Italy, has long advocated for using e-cigarettes as a tool in the global fight against tobacco smoking.

In his latest statement on the topic, Professor Tirelli suggested that smokers who cannot give up the habit with the help of traditional therapy should be encouraged to use e-cigarettes.

“The use of traditional nicotine replacement therapy like gum and patches has failed all over the world,” the esteemed oncologist said. The main advantage of electronic cigarettes compared to other cessation methods is that they maintain familiar gestures. They also don’t produce the combustion of tobacco and paper which eliminates the inhalation of tens of highly carcinogenic substances.”

“As numerous studies have already confirmed, the benefits of electronic cigarettes to personal health and the national health system are considerable,” 

“Every year, tobacco is responsible for around 30% of all deaths. In 2015 alone, tobacco has caused 100,000 new tumors in Italy. That is a scary figure, but it can be brought down with the help of e-cigarettes.” he said.

Pointing to the latest data from the United Kingdom and the research by Prof. Robert West of University College London, Professor Tirelli argues that statistics such as of the 37.3 per cent of the 8.46 million adult smokers in the UK attempted to quit smoking in 2014, 28.2 per cent or 891,000 used electronic cigarettes to improve their chances, and Professor Tirelli argues this serves as “further confirmation” of the potential of e-cigarettes.

Italy is perhaps the best example of how harsh legislation can serve to nearly decimate the growing e-cigarette market. Once only second to the UK as the largest  e-cigarette market, but after the Italian Government introduced a 58.5% tax on e-cigarettes and e-liquid in 2013, over half of the country’s small businesses closed down and the ones still operating saw their profits slashed by as much as 80%. Consequently research has shown that these extreme taxes have lead to the recovery of the tobacco cigarette sales in the country.

Professor Tirelli concluded that “Let’s all remember that not smoking is the best way to prevent cancers. But considering the difficulty of overcoming nicotine dependence, if a person cannot quit tobacco cigarettes, they can try electronic cigarettes, which are not carcinogenic,”