A British Government report entitled “E-cigarettes: a developing public health consensus” has provided a “clear message to the public” on the benefits of switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes.

Collating reports from a number of health agencies including Public Health England, Cancer Research UK and the Royal College of Physicians, in order to offer clear guidance to the public on the benefits of making the switch to e-cigarettes, they say that “there is no circumstance in which it is better for a smoker to continue smoking – a habit that kills one in every two and harms many others"

Since the turn of the millennium, smoking among adults in England has fallen by roughly a third, yet the report states that “almost one in five adults continue to smoke”.

The Government have noted their “responsibility” infurther decreasing the percentage of smokers across the United Kingdom further, however the report presents that “millions of smokers” still havethe impression e-cigarettes are at least as harmful as tobacco. In response to this misinformation the statement says “all the evidence suggests that the health risks posed by e-cigarettes are relatively small” and “e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than smoking.”

Please note Gamucci cannot and does not recommend using e-cigarettes to stop smoking tobacco.

The report, which is known as an impact assessment, claims “over 1.3 million UK e-cigarette users have completely stopped smoking and almost 1.4 million others continue to smoke” alongside vaping. Further stating e-cigarettes provide a public health opportunity that should “certainly [be] encouraged”.

Furthermore, with recent press reports claiming young people are increasingly taking up vaping, this report states the national evidence in the UK shows “regular e-cigarette among youth use is almost exclusively confined to those young people who have already smoked" with "youth smoking prevalence continuing to fall.”

You can read the full assessment HERE 

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