A recent study conducted by the German Cancer Research Centre into the ability of electronic cigarettes to turn nicotine into vapour validates that Gamucci consistently comes out on top verses the competition.

Using 16 electronic cigarettes from the most popular brands and testing them over 300 puffs they sought to categorise the e-cigarettes in their ability to vapourise nicotine consistently and effectively.


The results found that the Gamucci electronic cigarette vapourises 70% of the nicotine within the cartridge very effectively and very consistently, whereas a generic electronic cigarette was only able to vapourise 30% of the nicotine into the vapour and in doing so widely fluctuated between very high amounts of delivery, to almost no delivery of nicotine.


Gamucci was number one in both the effectiveness of vapourisation of nicotine and the consistency of nicotine within each puff.


This study highlights the fact that not all electronic cigarettes are created equally. The “Trendy 808″ product shown within the graph is a generic model that many electronic cigarette companies have had manufactured on their behalf and then re branded.

These results support the route Gamucci has taken in developing, manufacturing and testing our own products. With our wholly owned manufacturing facility, pioneering R&D team, and a UK patent for our technology, it is clear to see the difference. This confirms that Gamucci should be the electronic cigarette of choice for the discerning user.


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