Simon Cowell quits smoking with the help of e-cigarettes!

Hard to please talent show judge, and smoking ‘enthusiast’ Simon Cowell has recently made the switch to electronic cigarettes.

After proclaiming that he “genuinely still loves smoking”, it seems he has struck the perfect balance between his desire to light up, and his endless pursuit to maintain his youthful appearance with an e-cigarette.

Mr. Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talent co-star Amanda Holden told the Mirror, “Simon does not smoke any more. He has got a vaporising cigarette instead. He smokes air, or rather water. It’s amazing.” adding further that they had been so successful that, “Simon does not smoke any more,”

This is no mean feat for a man who claimed that he started smoking at the age of 8, and had previously smoked around 44 a day in order to feed his habit. Last summer Cowell was famously ordered to stop altogether by his doctor when he collapsed from nervous exhaustion, and it seems electronic cigarettes are allowing him to feed his notorious vice whilst still obeying doctors orders.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge currently lives in LA where e-cigarettes such as Gamucci are extremely popular. It is now as common to see an e-cig as the old conventional model in the Hollywood Hills. As Simon keeps up with the times he is joined by other LA stars including, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kevin Connolly, in neglecting the old fashioned cigarette and switching to an electronic.

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