The 11th of July 2013 edition of the BBC Radio 4 show ‘You and Yours’ included a discussion on the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes amongst adult smokers.  Presenter John Waite – a traditional Marlboro smoker - had trialled a number of electronic cigarette brands currently on sale in the UK, with variable results.  Professor John Britton, Director of the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies, was invited to comment.  He said: 

“So far, the only test data we have relates to four British products - Gamucci, Liberro, Intellicig and Skycig - and of those, Gamucci and Liberro produced three or four times more nicotine than the other two.  If I was going to try one of these things I’d go for the highest strength I could find, and it’s probably [one of] those.”

While we wouldn’t claim that Professor Britton is endorsing Gamucci electronic cigarettes, we were delighted to hear further confirmation of Gamucci’s effective nicotine delivery. 

Professor Britton’s comments support recent research by Goniewicz et al, published in January 2013 in the respected journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research, Vol 15, Issue 1, pp. 158-166.  This found that, in comparison to 15 other electronic cigarette brands on sale in the UK, the US and Poland, Gamucci ‘vaporises nicotine very effectively with about 70% of nicotine from the cartridge being delivered in the vapour and very consistently over 300 puffs (low standard deviation, mean SE)’.