Premium electronic cigarette maker Gamucci today announces plans to open the world's first electronic cigarette airport vaping zone at Terminal 4, at Heathrow.

The 'Gamucci Electronic Cigarette Zone' will open on Monday 25th November 2013 and will be the first airport venue to offer a designated indoor area where passengers can enjoy electronic cigarettes.

The move comes at a time when the popularity of electronic cigarettes is growing rapidly worldwide. According to Euromonitor International, global sales are now worth £1.3bn (US$2bn), with the UK and the USA the world's two largest markets.

The Gamucci Zone will be around 30 square metres, located in the International Departure Lounge next to luxury brands and duty free stores, with entry restricted only to those aged 18 and over. It will open from 0500 until 2230 each day and will only sell Gamucci electronic cigarettes.

The Gamucci Zone will be the only indoor area in which passengers will be able to enjoy electronic cigarettes.

Over 9.8 million passengers pass through Heathrow's Terminal 4 each year.

According to Nielsen, the independent consumer research company, Gamucci is the fastest growing electronic cigarettes brand in the UK. Its products are sold in over 55 countries worldwide.

Taz and Umer Sheikh, Co-Founders of Gamucci, said:

"As a London-based company, we are delighted to be launching the world's first electronic cigarette vaping zone at Heathrow Terminal 4. Heathrow is the busiest airport in Europe, with millions of passengers passing through each year from all over the world. The Gamucci Zone at Heathrow complements our positioning as a global brand sold in 55 countries worldwide.

"We are frequent travellers ourselves, and identify with the frustrations smokers endure when they are through security. We hope our vaping zone will offer an environment to satisfy their cravings. All of our products are non-combustible and allow smokers to enjoy nicotine without any of the by-products of combustible tobacco."