A massive rise in the use of electronic cigarettes as a quit aid in the United Kindgom has been demonstrated by consumer research project, 'The Smoking Toolkit Study'.

Their results which act as a very useful indicator of market trends, having been running since November 2006, with over 150,000 respondents, of whom more than 35,000 are ‘last-year smokers’, showed that from May 2011 until August 2013, the increase of use of electronic cigarettes exclusively as 'support in quit attempts' has risen by over 30% overtaking all other forms of quit support.  


This represents a dramatic upswing for such a fledgling product, and one competing as a smoking alternative rather than as a smoking cessation device. With consumers making the switch for a variety of different reasons, from the ever-increasing costs of tobacco, to health concerns, and avoidance of tobacco odour- and this where the electronic cigarette has capitalised, finding a clear market position as the alternative to tobacco. 

The second interesting element of the study was the increasing usage of electronic cigarettes as a ‘Harm reducer.’ With just under 15% of respondents saying that as opposed to using an electronic cigarette exclusively, that they are using them alongside tobacco.


This upswing although less dramatic than with the previous graph, with only a 10% growth since March of 2012, when considered alongside the large amounts using E-cigarettes as a support in quit attempts, it leaves nearly 50% of the ‘smoking public’ using electronic cigarettes as opposed to, or as an alternative to tobacco – and in our opinion this is a very positive market change.