Two new studies have been published linking use of electronic cigarettes to smokers consuming a lower rate of tobacco.

Both pieces of research were undertaken at the King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, and were based on a survey of more than 1,500 smokers at the end of 2012, which was then followed up on a year later.

The first study, published in the journal Addiction, found that 65% of those who were using an e-cigarette on a daily basis went on to make an attempt to give up smoking within the year, as opposed to 44% of smokers who did not use e-cigarettes. There was no evidence that daily e-cigarette users were more likely to have managed to get rid of a tobacco habit by the end of a year, however 14% had reduced their tobacco consumption by at least half. It should be noted though that this may due to the fact that the study did not test e-cigarettes as ‘quitting aids’, instead assessing the effect they have on consumers using electronic cigarettes for any reason.

Dr Leonie Brose said: “We already know that using an e-cigarette in an attempt to quit smoking increases the chances of success compared to quitting without any support. But it is encouraging to see that even then, regular e-cigarette use was linked to reduced numbers of lethal cigarettes smoked and increased attempts to quit smoking in the following year.”

The second study, published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research, discovered a link between refillable tank models of electronic cigarettes, such as the Gamucci Vitesse, are more successful for people making a quit smoking attempt. Only 25% of the 587 e-cigarette users had tank models which they used daily, but of these, 28% had given up tobacco smoking after a year opposed to the 13% of smokers who did not use e-cigarettes. The research ascertains that refillable options may be the better option for those looking to switch completely from tobacco as they allow consumers more potential for customisation, although it is worth considering that Gamucci carries a range of flavours in both our E-Liquid and Cartomizer range.

Prof Ann McNeill of King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, said: “If you are using an e-cigarette, use it more frequently and stop smoking cigarettes as fast as you can. If cigalikes don’t work, try something else.”

Neither of the studies proves explicity that the use of electronic cigarettes will ensure quit smoking attempts are successful, but they do provide evidence if you are considering making the switch to e-cigarettes they can be beneficial in helping you abstain from tobacco.