Ready to make the switch to Gamucci but not sure which device is the right one for you? Here we have created a simple guide to each of our electronic cigarettes, so you can find the perfect Gamucci for you! 

Gamucci Vitesse

The Gamucci Vitesse is our newest and most powerful e-cigarette. Optimised for peerless performance, the Vitesse has set the benchmark for the next generation of e-cigarette technology by combining Gamucci patented VaporCore technology, famed ease-of-use and a lightweight, hard wearing stainless steel exterior.

With every inhale and exhale the Vitesse delivers a satisfying throat hit with a complex flavour profile and astonishing vapour production. Simply fill the included clearomizer with the taste sensations of our carefully created collection of Premium E-Liquids – and you’re ready to vape.

Blended in the Gamucci laboratory, the Gamucci Premium E-Liquids are the perfect accompaniment to the Vitesse. Our E-Liquid collection is available in an amazing array of flavours to suit all tastes, from traditional Tobacco and Menthol to exotic fruit flavours, all with the same famous Gamucci quality.

So if you’re looking to make the switch to a refillable e-cigarette – the Vitesse is the E-Cigarette for you!


Gamucci Micro

Recently updated, the Micro has come to be known as the standard of what is referred to as cig-a-like products, hitting the sweet spot between performance, feel and simplicity.

We designed the Micro as the perfect e-cigarette for those switching from tobacco; simple to use, it is sure to feel familiar as soon as you pick it up. The Micro is not only compact and a lightweight, but delivers market-leading performance - owing to Gamucci patented VaporCore technology.

VaporCore ensures you experience all the same sensations that you are used to without the tar and chemicals associated with tobacco; a satisfying throat hit, authentic flavour profile and full clouds of vapour.  

We recommend the Gamucci Micro to those making the switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes or simply as an upgrade from another brand. Screw in a Gamucci Cartomizer and you are ready to go!


Gamucci Continental

Gamucci was the first electronic cigarette brand in the world to offer a disposable electronic cigarette, and the Continental is the latest edition of this hugely successful disposable range. Like the Micro the Continental features Gamucci patented VaporCore technology and therefore, is not just hugely convienent, but also an amazing vaping experience.

The Gamucci Continental will last you almost as long as 2 packets of traditional cigarettes making the Continental the perfect e-cigarette for use on a weekend break, to get a taste of Gamucci or simply when charging your regular e-cigarette isn't possible.

The Gamucci Continental is available in our Original flavour & Menthol 1.6% Nicotine.


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