Today I stumbled upon another article on what is fast becoming the new celebrity in-thing, electronic cigarettes. This time an article in Entertainment Wise sought to give both advice on making the switch, and a list of the most famous e-cigarette users.

As we predicted last month with our article about Simon Cowell’s switch to e-cigarettes, freeing him from being a 40 a day man to just one (his e-cigarette), it seems like the rest of the celebrity world has followed suit, and why wouldn’t they as Entertaiment Wise presents,

“For those who enjoy the ritual and act of smoking tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes offer an alternative. They can be used alongside tobacco cigarettes, the UK smoking ban means it is illegal to smoke indoors but you can vape indoors. As e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco and there are no second-hand smoking dangers they can be used indoors. Perfect for a quick vape during BGT auditions then.”

The list itself included many well know name, such as Zayn Malik of One Direction fame, Bradley Cooper, Cheryl Cole and Robert Pattinson, amongst many others. You can check this out here

Also interesting, today Citi, who are respected market predictors and all round financial whizzes have included e-cigarettes in a one off report entitled, ‘10 Technologies Completely Changing the World.’

Citi through their research have discerned that the ever expanding market place of electronic cigarettes is showing no sign of slowing, and in fact they predict huge growth for the sector in the relatively recent future, claiming a 50% increrase in the market over the coming years.

Further when this is acknowledged alongside Gamucci’s recent patent award, we can see a certain correlation of the rise of this up-start pioneering business into the mainstream; and with Citi claiming the market is set to reach $3 Billion by 2015, Gamucci can be seen not just as the market leader, but as a pioneer of a revolutionary, sector defining technology.

You can read more about this over at Business Insider

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