Sally Satel, a Practicing Psychiatrist and the American Enterprise Resident Scholar, has called for a “clear, but common-sense” approach to regulation of e-cigarettes in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Arguing against proposed FDA regulations, she presented that the proposed regulatory frameworks  layed out by the organisation will not only stifle innovation in what is one of the worlds most inventive and fast growing market-places, but also close the door to many smaller e-cigarette and vaping businesses, giving an open field  to tobacco companies. 

This is due to the high cost of entry that may be required for any e-cigarettes which were created or remodelled after 2007.   

The FDA’s proposed regulations will lead e-cigarettes to be classified as part of their tobacco authority.

Public Health England recently presented findings showing e-cigarettes to be at least 95% safer than tobacco.

Satel was glowing in her praise of the future should congress be convinced to intervene with the FDA regulations; she described e-cigarettes as: “a wonderful alternative to cigarettes”; finishing the interview by arguing that: “20 years of vaping is going to be a lot safer than 20 years of smoking!”

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