The evidence of a huge increase in the usage of electronic cigarettes in the United Kingdom has arrived. Consumer research project, The Smoking Toolkit Study, which has been running since November 2006 accumulating more than 150,000 respondents, has concluded that e-cigarettes are becoming a staple of the market faster than even we may have predicted!

The study's research acts as an important indicator of market growth and the results are staggering, as over the period from May 2011 until August 2013, e-cigarette usage has risen to over 15% amongst smokers and ex-smokers alike! With some very basic maths we can then estimate that there are approximately 1.6 million people using e-cigarettes in the United Kingdom alone!

E-cigarettes have quickly taken hold as the non-tobacco alternative to smoking, and with consumers making the switch for a multitude of different reasons, from the ever-increasing costs of using tobacco, to health concerns, the electronic cigarette market seems to have found a booming market position.

In additon, Bonnie Herzog, of Wells Fargo Securities reiterated the firms previous market predictions that “Consumption of e-cigs may overtake traditional cigarettes in the next decade.” Speaking at a recent FDLI conference the firm contested that their initial market predictions remain “bullish”, and most interestingly continued that Wells Fargo, “have further conviction the regulatory stars will ultimately align for e-cigs, continuing to propel the category.”

This is very positive for the e-cigarette category and demonstrates that the bold market predictions are seemingly par for the course, and when considered alongside the large market shift towards e-cigarettes presented by the Smoking toolkit study, this represents a very exciting time to be part of this e-cig revolution, and where’s better to enjoy this switch than the UK’s original and superior brand Gamucci!