2013: Year in Review

2013 was a phenomenal year for Gamucci, with the brand going from strength to strength. We've had many highlights, from becoming the world’s first electronic cigarette brand to advertise at an international sporting event to our successful ‘Vaping Zone’ launch at Heathrow Airport.

So this week we've decided to have quick recap and run-down of some of our highlights from the past year, settle in with a new cartomizer and take a read!

1. Gamucci at the Rugby!

Gamucci started the year as we meant to go on, with another world’s first for the e-cigarette market. This time we were the first electronic cigarette brand to advertise at a major international sporting event! It was an honour for the company to support the RFU, and although the score wasn’t quite what most in the office wanted, we were delighted to be there!

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2. Shakespeare and Gamucci

  • Gamucci didn’t shy away from the arts in 2013, with our sponsoring of The Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of ‘A Mad World My Masters’ a highlight.

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3. Most effective and consistent electronic cigarette

  • Impartial medical reviews are often hard to come by in the electronic cigarette market, so we were delighted to hear of a very large, but very positive study back in May- as the German Cancer Research Centre validated Gamucci as the most effective and consistent electronic cigarette. 

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4. Meet the Team

  • As a rapidly expanding business, Gamucci has been lucky to have been joined by a number of experienced professionals over the past year. From finance, to marketing, Gamucci has undergone huge changes - so why not meet our talented and experience executive team! 

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5. Tesco and WH Smith

  • One of Gamucci’s biggest breakthroughs this year has been our listings in Tesco Express and Filling Stations, as well as WH Smith stores. These partnerships have brought Gamucci’s name into people’s everyday lives, and we are delighted with the response!

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6. Gamucci in the News

  • Gamucci’s brilliant 2013 was not going to go unnoticed and it was only a matter of time before the nations press started to take a keen interest in the UK’s fastest growing electronic cigarette brand. But from all of the features we’ve had this year, the Sunday Times and the Telegraph were our favourites- so why not revisit these stories over a coffee and a cartomizer?

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7. Come fly with Gamucci!

  • Finally, Gamucci sought to end this year as we started it with another world’s first for an electronic cigarette brand. The opening of the Gamucci ‘Vaping Zone’ at Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 was a monumental moment for Gamucci and e-cigarette users, giving everyone the freedom to use Gamucci electronic cigarettes within our Zone. With a sleek, cool style, the Gamucci ‘Vaping Zone’ has achieved rave reviews, and gained worldwide exposure, featuring in hundreds of newspapers, online blogs and on television stations. It was a fitting way to end the year!

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So we hope you’ve enjoyed this year with Gamucci, and we are looking forward to an even bigger and better 2014!