Electronic Cigrettes are Eco-Friendly

The Gamucci Electronic Cigarette produces no smoke, only a odourless vapour, and there is no need for ashtrays as no ash is produced. There is also less litter as there is no cigarette butt end to dispose off. The management of Gamucci have a vision of helping to create a smoke free environment around the world by offering clean smoking without the flame, ash and tar found in traditional cigarettes. The Gamucci electronic cigarette is non-offensive, the smoke is non-offensive, only an odourless water vapour is emitted.

Gamucci is Non-Flammable

The Gamucci Electronic Cigarette is a completely non-flammable device. There is no danger of anything burning and no substance is lit within the Gamucci. Additionally our Electronic Cigarettes have been toxicology tested in the United Kingdom and are compliant with both CE & RoHS certifications.

Gamucci can be smoked everywhere

Gamucci Electronic Cigarettes can be used legally indoors where traditional smoking may be prohibited. The Statutory Definitions of the Smoking Health Act Ban (a) smoking refers to smoking tobacco or anything which contains tobacco, or smoking any other substance, and (b) Smoking includes being in possession of lit tobacco or of anything lit which contains tobacco, or being in possession of any other lit substance in a form in which it could be smoked. The key phrases in the legislation are smoke and lit, because a substance will have to be lit in order for smoking to take place. The Gamucci Electronic Cigarette is not lit and smoke is not produced, but the smoke is a process of evaporation and is simply a odourless vapour. As a result of the above, there is no breach of the Health Act in using this product. There is no need to be concerned about the fact that nicotine is being used because the product is not lit and therefore not smoked.

Gamucci has a cool sophisticated design

All our products have been designed to look sleek and desirable. They are simple to use in all situations. We only use the best quality materials and our design teams are working on a number of new and exciting looking products for future launch.

Gamucci comes in different flavours

Today there are more options available than just our original flavour. The Gamucci cartomizers come in various flavours including Original, Menthol, Apple, Coffee, Cola, Cherry, Grape and Vanilla and come in various strengths of nicotine including a zero nicotine strength cartridge. Try some of our flavors today, you can buy online today!

Gamucci is rechargeable

With the Gamucci starter kits you get up to two rechargeable batteries, thus giving endless hours of enjoyable smoking. The electronic cigarette batteries and the vaporization chamber come with a product guarantee and all aspects of the product have been CE & RoHS certified.

Gamucci re-chargeable kits work out cheaper than traditional cigarettes

The costs of smoking traditional cigarettes are becoming more prohibitive each year. A normal pack of 20 cigarettes costs between £5 to £7.50 in the UK. With all rechargeable electronic cigarettes you enjoy massive savings. After the initial investment of the electronic cigarette kit, many users have reported massive savings of up to 80 per cent.

E-cigarette requires no matches

A common problem for many smokers is being caught out without their lighter or matches. This is not a problem with the Gamucci E-cigarette. The sophisticated micro-electronic technology means that the Gamucci switches on automatically everytime you inhale on it. When you are not using it it remains switched off.