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Gamucci Electronic Cigarettes

Founded by smokers, we strive to make a difference and bring you the world's best alternative smoking products featuring our patented VaporCore™ Technology.

Gamucci has an electronic cigarette tailored for every need! We have a range of both disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes suitable for all adult smokers. You are sure to find the e-cigarette for you with Gamucci.

• The USB Kit includes a rechargeable lithium battery, a cartomizer refill and a USB charger - One of our most popular items!

• Our Deluxe Kit includes 2 rechargeable lithium batteries, 4 cartomizer refills, USB Charger, Mains power adapter & carry case - The benchmark kit!

• The Continental Disposable 500 comes in both original and menthol flavours, are pre-charged, convenient and perfect for those wishing to sample Gamucci!

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Cartomizer Refills

The widest range of authentic flavours available in a range of strengths!

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electronic cigarettes

Gamucci is a global category leader and premier brand of Electronic Smoking Alternatives, more commonly referred to as electronic cigarettes, or e cigarettes. All our products use state of the art sophisticated micro-electronic technology to provide users an alternative smoking experience without the flame, ash and tar found in real cigarettes. Our products do not produce tobacco smoke; they look like, feel like and taste like the real thing, yet they aren't. They are simply an alternative that can help you consume your nicotine in a way that you are a accustomed to.

e-cigarettes, e-cigs

With a vast range of electronic cigarette starter kits and disposable electronic cigarettes you will find what you are looking for. Our product range has grown over the years and technology is ever changing. We are proud inventors of the worlds first ever disposable electronic e-cig and technology has evolved making products smaller and more powerful.

disposable electronic cigarette

We have a range of disposable electronic cigarettes. The Gamucci Continental range is convenient, pre- charged and ready to use. The low cost of these e-cigs means everyone can try the electronic smoking or "vaping " experience without the investment of a starter kit.


Our latest news and announcements

Earlier this week, the Daily Mail reported that Oxford Dictionaries had named the word ‘vape’...
Electronic cigarettes have once again been receiving significant press coverage in recent days as a UK ...
Electronic cigarettes in recent years have become more widely available in shops, as demand soars for products.
Gamucci founders Taz and Umer Sheikh have experienced a tidal wave of award nominations...
Whether you use them for the benefit of yourself or for your family, out of style or to feel good at work...
Gamucci today announced the creation of a new Scientific Products Division and the appointment of Adrian Marshall...
Gamucci was awarded the ‘Best Electronic Cigarette’ brand award at the recent Consumer Choice Awards 2014...
Entering his thirties, Umer Sheikh decided he’d had enough: it was time to give up cigarettes. As he resolved to quit his 20-a-day habit, he spotted an advertisement for an electronic cigarette....
Action on Smoking Health has revealed a large increase in the number of people switching to electronic cigarettes....
A group representing smokers’ rights in New York has challenged the legal decision by the New York City government to ban electronic cigarettes...
Legislation banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to under 18’s is soon to come in to effect. The ban, which has been long seen as overdue....
Like many inventions, the Gamucci electronic cigarette was born out of frustration. “The initial idea came about in 2006 when the smoking ban was announced,”...
Amid all the glitz and glamour of this year Golden Globes ceremony, an electronic cigarette narrowly stole the show from a waterlogged Red Carpet! ...
2013 was a phenomenal year for Gamucci, with the brand going from strength to strength. We've had many highlights, from becoming the world’s first electronic cigarette brand ...
The UK’s fastest growing electronic cigarette brand has further strengthened its management team with the appointment of Damien Scott...
The UK’s fastest growing electronic cigarette brand, Gamucci, has today announced a deal with Tesco that will see Gamucci premium electronic cigarettes on sale...
Premium electronic cigarette maker Gamucci today announces plans to open the world's first electronic cigarette airport vaping zone at Terminal 4, at Heathrow...
Public health experts, academics and industry leaders argued today that, in their rush to regulate, some governments could destroy one of the most important alternatives...
A massive rise in the use of electronic cigarettes as a quit aid in the United Kingdom has been shown by consumer research project, ...
The evidence of a huge increase in the usage of electronic cigarettes in the United Kingdom has arrived. Consumer research project, ...
Happy 1st Birthday to Gamucci Ireland! The Irish branch of Gamucci led by Michael Kenneally is one year old today! Having gone from...
The European Parliament listened to reason today and voted to reject plans that would have seen medical regulation applied to electronic cigarettes...
Gamucci, an electronic cigarette company is set to appoint Canaccord Genuity to help it raise more than £20m for expansion. The company, whose products are sold in....
When Sean Penn needs to smoke it appears nothing can stand in the way between him and his next hit of nicotine, as recently seen by his...
Electronic cigarettes manufacturer Gamucci has further strengthened its management team with the appointment of Peter Jordan as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).
The results are SHOCKING, not because of the concern about the health of consumers but because it once again shows how a study can be mis-presented...